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AzureFiles provides its users with the highest-quality, free online hosting and sharing services. AzureFiles stores all your media and makes it available to you anytime you want it, anywhere you go, on any device you have. Available for Windows, OSX, iPhone, Android and Web, you can quickly and securely store, organize, and share all your personal and work data.

The main principle of our website is to completely satisfy the needs of our users for all their data sharing and storing. All of our services are user-friendly, innovative and intuitive.

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If you would like to make a suggestion, report an error or any other issue you may encounter with our website, you are free to use the contact form found on our Contact Page.

If you think that a file that has been uploaded on our servers is breaching the Terms and Conditions, feel free to report it from the Download Page by clicking the "Report File" button or by sending us an email at abuse@azurefiles.com.

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